Life on the Surface ❤︎ TellMeICantComposeIDareYou

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From the musician: “This is a little song to capture a bit of the peace that the monsters enjoy on the surface. Not everything sound entirely happy because, hey, that's life. It was weird writing in a major key since I'm so used to minor keys. I also looked a bit more into music theory to write this song. This song is also purely stings 'cause even though my true love is the piano, I've got a thing for sting."

TellMeICantComposeIDareYou's other work can be found here:

From the visual artist: "Listening to this gave me a really pleasant feeling. I was able to easily imagine the characters living peacefully up on the surface. So I decided to draw a few of the monsters with Frisk listening to Toriel telling all of them a story, and just overall having a good time. I wasn't sure how to color it at first, but after a day of thinking, i decided that a watercolor look with earthy colors would fit a nice track like this."

Visual art by Nikniak ❤︎


from Songs From Mt. Ebott: Vol. 2, released October 31, 2016
Original song by TellMeICantComposeIDareYou
Visual art by Niknaik



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